Learning our sounds

nov 15 (15)

When we were learning the letter ‘V’ we set up a veterinary surgery. The children enjoyed making all the animals better.

nov 16 (11)

Rocky, Nat and Rosie are enjoying being vets!

nov 16 (31)

Oscar is a very caring vet.

nov 4 (2)

Margot Stacey’s grandma came in to help us plant some spring bulbs in our long black trough. We are looking forward to reading the special message that is going to appear!




We went to St James Church to take part in the Christmas experience. We saw the Nativity story acted out and we were able to touch real live animals including, a donkey, sheep, chickens, ducks and a dog.


Healthy Living

We planted some seeds in the school garden. We are planting Red things for Red Class. Look out for some juicy tomatoes later in the year.



We have a ‘Post Office’ in our Role Play area. We wrote a very special letter to our mums and dads thanking them for helping us to stay healthy. Joy and Maria helped us to address the envelopes and we each put a stamp on. We then posted them in the postbox on Stapleton Hall Road. Our mums and dads were very happy to receive our letters!

Transport Survey

img_1206.jpg   img_1208.jpg

Red Class carried out a transport survey on the corner of Stapleton Hall Road and Granville Road. We made a tally every time we saw different forms of transport. The most popular forms of transport were cars, followed by vans and aeroplanes!